The Frequency of Thought

The Frequency of Thought.

Spirituality 1.01 (Thanks Teal Swan!)

Everything we experience as solid and “real” in our physical lives, is simply a projection of the beliefs we have installed in our unconscious mind.

You know that if we want to understand the universe, we must think about energy, frequency, and vibration. (Thanks Nicola Tesla!)

“Get Woke, Stay Woke”!

Take the chains that you have acquiesced to, off, now! Thanks to the voices from Standing Rock!

But, first you must wake up to see the chains that you are bamboozled into self-applying. “Get Woke“!

Stay Woke“, gather together and make the new way, world.

We are being lured into a trap like mice in a maze..

We are so much smarter than this!

The answers that we will find in our hearts will echo wisdom messages from our families,our community, and our ancestors.

This is the great Human Being Uprising!

We stand tall on our vertical spines, and we accept the responsibility of our Dominion on this planet.

We United States Citizens, have founding documents that we must protect and defend, and hold our elected official faithfully to.. First one can be this legal idea of a Treaty!!!

Who or what are we People?

I think we are, first and foremost, protectors, who are also super-heart-brain adventurers!

Our society, which is presented to us from the established industry of media giants, is a pre-meditated continuous launch of a huge campaign to ignite, and infuse, fear energy into the population, while convincing us, conditioning us that this social, cultural, normality-pre-defined-belief-construct about who and what we are, which becomes our total “real” world.

It is a scripted narrative that assumes a belief that there is an inherent lack in the “world”. And then, on some core level, you establish a belief that you are responsible for it; something in you caused this suffering.

These are all lies!

All of this could all be a tragically successful programing that you have / we have, allowed to be installed, in some way invited, through our fear-identified-attachment-reactive-blindness. Usually in trauma in childhood.

Get Woke! Stay Woke!

Stand with Standing Rock!

They are working both Wokes in a really good way! 🙂

Thank you! Powerful voices coming from the future projecting community being re-born in that epicentral place!

For those who “have ears to hear, and eyes to see”.

Stand at, and stand with, Standing Rock, in as many numbers as it takes, as many times necessary, until we complete the inevitable phase shift worlds, from fear, to a whole other channel, Compassion.

Epicenter Standing Rock!


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