American Carnage Continues!

American Carnage Continues!

Under a new President who vowed so strongly, in his Historic Inaugural Address, less than a month ago, so emphatically, he said, “the carnage on the American people stops here, and stops now!

Yes, it is a disgusting carnage that is going on and has gone on, on a people, who, despite waves of carnage designed to sever the wisdom sharing lines between generations, STILL have held on, and are sharing open source with all of us right now!

Perfect timing!

We are talking about the constitutional role of The President of the Unites States of America, founded on a Declaration of Independence, and a Constitution.

All elected officials vow, solemnly pledge to defend and protect!

What is the constitutional law of the Treaty?!!! I’m not a lawyer, but this feels like a pretty foundational commitment, to me!

Protect what!?

Global Bankers and Giant Corporations?

We need an army of Investigatators! In open source fair-exchange gift creating enterprises, for good investigative work in defending and protecting the spirit and the force of these, our founding documents.

And all of us: Pocketbook baby!!!

I will open source share a reliable filter to use to identify the carnage interests.

Look at the mass advertising that we consume. Advertising for goofy huge amounts of money investments in messaging to the masses. I think that perhaps, we could make a list of these giant advertisers and then agree to divest the entire economy!

Rebuild it in active local communities who are intentionally looking for evidence of a contributive economy.

If this were a video, you would see me jumping up and down and pointing to Standing Rock, and inviting you to stand, where you are and feel it!

A radical simple new/old idea, simply, where we look out for each other. RADICAL SIMPLE!

Standing in your heart is absolutely necessary right now!

Don’t take the bait that you are lacking in any way, separate in any real way, unworthy in any way.

Integration to wholeness! (Indigenous wisdom)

Soul retrieval, and Soul integration! (Indigenous wisdom)

Attitude of wholeness! (Bohm)

Infinite intelligence! (Hill)

The carnage must end! Here! And Now!!!

Read the Declaration of Independence, find the word “duty“, understand what is written there. And join us in an adventure into Aikido Compassion Magic.

Compassion Magic!

It is time to look into our marrow, again.

We need to get Woke, and Stay Woke! (Indigenous wisdom)

Standing Rock just might the be epicenter of this whole phase shift to a new way that leverages all the past lives’ discoveries.

This is not a revolution, it is simply a great heart uprising!

Ease, grace, and a whole lot of fun, when we accept the unstoppable power of our numbers.

Why not? so freaking simple!!!

It is time for this Bizzaro World bubble to be pierced with an explosive local community generated economy.

There is a place, at least one, I think there are many, all over this nation, all over this world, where folks are standing up for something that they feel a strong energy from their ancestors, no matter what!

No matter what.


Radical Simple! 🙂

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