Say goodbye to Bizzarro world!


Find things that are beautiful and you will fill your whole life with beautiful things.

Find things that you are against, bad things out there, and you will fill your life with things to be against.

Behind the veils of this Bizzarro world, is your light – Infinite Intelligence! (Hill)

The cunning fake here is to condition human beings to be afraid, and separate, and finite, living in a world where dog eats dog.  This is a state of mind that is saturated with attached-fear energy, and it is attached to a reality narrative being sold to the human race.

Where upon Human Beings can be harvested, of the fear energy, and if at the point of death, they are gripped in fear, then they are preserved for another generation.

The Oral Traditions are alchemical because they are a sophisticated mechanism to gather all the wisdom of all the lifetimes, across all the generations.

Bizzarro world has unleashed waves and waves of attempts to irradiate indigenous wisdom from the face of the earth!


Sacred feminine and masculine energy, Seventh Generation youth generated movement!

Offered open source to all who will listen! “To all who have ears to hear“!

Perhaps the Epicenter of our national and global phase shift!

Say goodbye to Bizzarro world!


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