Get Woke, and Stay Woke!!!

We are all indigenous.

Only, a great deal of us have forgotten.

Too many, vastly most of us, have lost our indigenous ancient wisdom connection. We live in Bizzarro World.

Bizzarro World has unleashed the military infrastructure on the Oral Traditions that have passed down the wisdom for thousands of years, from one generation to others, grandparents to grandchildren, great grandchildren.

A magical thing is happening on this planet!

Standing Rock is where folks who are standing for that very thing that most of us have lost, a connection to ancestry.

My indigenous past includes Celtic, Nordic, French, Ancient Britain,.. IDK. My children have a beautiful spectrum, including Native American, and African American, and French.

The Water Protectors are offering, open source, free from the heart, a powerful giving! Listen to the voices of the Water Protectors!!!

It is the voice of our great transformation as we Get Woke, and Stay Woke!!!

These are glorious times!!!

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