New Way

New Way

Say goodbye to Bizzarro World.

Key discernment: Organic and Synthetic

Organic: balanced scalable growth; coherent energetically with the vibration and frequency of Source Energy (compassion); an, all that there is connection, non-linear , absolutely entangled at the quantum level.

Synthetic: unbalanced growth; incoherent energetically with the vibration and frequency of Source Energy, coherent with the frequency of fear-based vibration, shrouded from your own Light connection, blocked Light becomes shadow and darkness, perceived as separate from others, in a world that essentially lacks, and is empty.

In terms of enterprise entities

Organic Enterprise: Heart-based thinking and imagining about what is Sacred. What really matters most. Conscious intentional agreement on what is Sacred, creates community. Then, leaning in from the Heart into right action that honors and protects what is Sacred. We all honor looking out for each-other’s’ interests. We all seek to be In a good way with all our relations. Trust is the indicator.

Synthetic Enterprise:  Mind-based thinking and serving a specific narrow set of individuals, at the expense of the others. Specifically deeming Human Beings and Planetary Resources as expendable, cost-less resources, to be used up and disposed of at will in the singular mission to maximize profit to the increasing few of us. Trust is the indicator.

Ease, grace, fun path?!

The new way economy.

Divest from the Synthetic.

Easy list – all giant mass advertisers. Divesting from the “too big to fail” banks is only the beginning.

Find alternatives in your consumption decisions.

Gather and build strong local communities and economies.

Eradicate abusive advertising form our blue luminous screens.

Find alternatives for internet search and social media that are trustworthy, respect our privacy, and compensate us for the value of our consumption pattern information – our favorites and our Brand Loyalty. When loyalty lines up with intentionally, consciously, defining for yourself, what is Sacred; what matters most.

There are a bunch of folks (all of us) just trying to survive, and there are another bunch of us, a big bunch of us, most of us eventually, that tuned into the bold new way economy, and are developing beautiful open source gifts to the new way economy,  where we take it seriously what this word, “economy” means, we discover a mirror image of what we are doing now, we just step into a new world economy.

And back to this wonderful thing called, “Standing”! physically, and spiritually, The physical jolt electromagnetically, as we align our electromagnetic field, with that of Earth, our Mother. She is percolating up in the compassion frequency expression. But too many of us are not listening there in that place. Too many of us are acquiescing to a false unconscious narrative that installs programs in our early years, and triggers them, through their emotions, mostly into a fear low frequency near continuous state.

So, Stand up. STAND UP! STAND UP!!!!!

Stand tall into your Heart!

Then, look around, and see others standing! …

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  1. Corine /

    C’est vrai qu’il y a deux sortes d’entreprises et que la plupart ont adopté la richesse comme seul but. Mais je le sens et beaucoup changent car ils vont y être obligés sinon ils resteront en arrière. Car l’avènement de l’Amour reprend ses droits petit à petit et il est plus fort que tout. Il y a de plus en plus de monde dans l’Amour et c’est merveilleux.

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