Floodlight it and, if synthetic, Flip it!

Floodlight it and, if synthetic, Flip it!

“Investigatators”! The new American Journalism.

Investors who have assets, and want to create a new way community economy.

Investigators, less asseted, who will do the investigation, and create the Business Model Floodlighted Map Diagram, for a fee.

The Investigatator Teams form in huge numbers and flood all industries, markets and community-economies, that bloom, organically, and explosively across the face of our Sacred Mother Earth! From the analysis of the maps, following the flow of the money, in its many mechanisms, we identify the synthetic components, and then simply co-create, and launch organic enterprise alternatives.

This is the new age of transparency in our lives, our families, our communities, our fellow planet standers.

We are the ones who stand on two legs, for the most part, on this planet.

We are specially gifted with a conscious awareness ability.

With this great power, comes sacred responsibility, so we must rid ourselves of synthetic parasites, “who/what” are largely, a simple list of the biggest advertisers. That is where we could shine that floodlight, we’d learn allot!

We need to start assessing the landscape for ourselves, and each one of us must stand up, in a new way!

Look around and see the flourishing thriving adventure into the great mysteries, in the eyes of all your relationships. All your relations! All my relations!

When we all stand together in a good way, feeling strong pull to the words “stand”, and “water”, in integrity in our relationships.

This is something, a voice of perhaps, of and from humanity itself, in its purpose and essence, that is standing unstoppably powerfully.

There is a drum beat, a new one to us, but one that has been uniting communities for, at least, many thousands of years.

It’s a beautiful wake up call to all of us who have acquiesced our Human Being Heart Power!

Listen in to those standing at Standing Rock.

A great national, and planetary healing is happening at that epicenter, pivot point for our national and global reset about what the word, “economy” really means.

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