Standing RIGHT NOW at Standing Rock, are folks who will not stop standing in their Heart, for anything!

Focus Areas for the ease, grace, fun, 180 degree, energetic, vibrational and frequency, phase shift from fear to compassion:

Children education revolution – three years proven transformation to self-directed student adventures, explorers, gift imagining, and gift manifestation through a practiced gift mastery. Simple shift to focus on “strengths” in children, instead of pointing them constantly to where they are weak, trying to fix broken parts, instead of fueling flourishing and thriving parts. Do you see the 180?

There are proven schools, independent of the public school system, ready to be scaled into the existing infrastructure of the state and federally regulated public school system.

I’ll point to Jacques Fresco’s enlightened investigation into the neglected, Science of Human Behavior, and from there, to how we can intentionally, and consciously, create an enriched educational experience for children to stand up in and hold onto their individual magic.

Our current public school system’s, crazy, goofy amounts of money being spent, and the institutions themselves mechanically turning out the lights of individual creative power, leaving little folks in the belief that there is no Light.

I am thankful that we have an opportunity to revolutionize our schools, and spend money at the same or perhaps, a great deal less, and give birth to our next generation’s freedom to dream and create, in a lifetime of exploration.

Self-awareness, emotions in motion, In a fractal holographic, nested-vortexes, Vortex.

What else is Sacred?

Air, Water, Land, Sky (Mother Earth), Sky (Father Sun)

What has been mostly suppressed for thousands of years, is re-emerging powerfully, in the Female Voices At Standing Rock!

We human beings are racing through our lives, acquiesced to a narrative of “normal” that saturates our moments in fear energy. This is an unbalanced trajectory…

The narrative is synthetic in origin, and is applied in the most cunning deceitful way, by programming us to self-program.

Let’s call this an algorithm, that we buy into, and in doing so forfeit our power.

Algorithms, Programs, and Human Beings.

So, Perfect Storm – Standing RIGHT NOW at Standing Rock are folks who will not stop standing in their Heart, for anything! They will not sacrifice the national security of the availability of fresh clean water in our lives, and in teh lives of our future generations, the progeny of our daughters, and sons.

Water Protectors, are standing here in New Jersey too. Rising to protect from the raping of the Delaware Valley beautiful and enormous watershed is here, by Penn East, Natural GAS. One of far to many pipeline project, and far to many completed pipelines in operation (and leaking).


Water Protectors are rising across this nation, and across the nations.

The youth of the seventh generation started all of this Standing Rock rising!

And the Women, and the Men, Native blood, US Veteran blood, US Citizen blood, are standing and coming to stand.

For me, right now, Epicenter Standing Rock!

Plan to head out Sunday.

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