Floodlight “Law” and “Carnage”

Law” and “Carnage”.

Carnage that “stops right here, and stops right now!!!!!

What is the purpose of this construct?

To whom does it serve?

Universal Law

Man’s Written Law

When “Laws“, no longer serve the People, and instead serve Global Bankers, and Giant Corporations, then the People must rise to reset the system to its alignment with Universal Life!

As United States Citizens, why do we need lawyers to seek “justice”?

Why do Lawyers and Judges have a separate language with a unique syntax that are based on English words, but conveying starkly different meanings.

The “Legal” system seems to be a place where folks can be dishonorable and say they are “legal”, acting within the “Law”.

It is a place for wealthy scoundrels to exploit. manipulate, and deceive, WE the People.

What is this whole legal, criminal justice system all about?

I want to go back to the ideals so beautifully prescribed in our Declaration of Independence.

I want to go back to our Constitution.

All imperfect documents but in there is wisdom from generation’s ago, when folks did their best to create a base of agreements that we might call “Law“, in a good way.

If you can stay with me on this, now imagine that we all agree on one foundational Agreement, The Golden Rule.

1 is a magical number, in it are all the numbers, all of the numbers that never, ever end.

This is how mathematics can introduce spiritual concepts, such as “infinite”, early in the “grades”.

But, I digress.

I want to know about Treaty law. As a non-lawyer, (did not pass the “BAR” where lawyers are taught the new language).

If two nations agree on borders and land ownership. I assume this is a Treaty.

According to Wikipedia.com, “Treaties can be loosely compared to contracts: both are means of willing parties assuming obligations among themselves, and a party to either that fails to live up to their obligations can be held liable under international law.[2]”

A Treaty, to this uneducated of the legal syntax US Citizen, seems to be pretty foundational in International “Law”, or any honorable agreement. Two Parties in border and liberties, and rights dispute, agree upon a resolution, with distribution of land among other things. I’m no “Lawyer” but seems to me, if justice is the intention, then any changes to the “Treaty” would require agreement by both parties, right!?

So, a sincerely offered question for our constitutionally elected, new President, who made a sacred oath to protect and defend and serve the interests of the American People, How do you define “Carnage”!?

New LAW!

Golden Rule!!!


Ease, grace, and whole lot of fun!

If there is now real “Treaty Law”, then there is no law.

When “Law” allows the CARNAGE of the People and the Planet, then we need new Laws and new Law Makers! – see DOI!

Epicenter Standing Rock!

Do not miss this wave! 🙂


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  1. Bo /

    Our legal system is another way of the rich getting richer at the expense of the middle and lower classes.

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