Operation Foundational Reset

Operation Foundational Reset.

Home is where your Heart is!



Stand up now!

Feel your Heart, cradled in a vertical spined skeleton and soft cellular tissue, in a speed of light connection, photonic collaboration.

Feel your Sisters and Brothers like the cells (50-100 Trillion of them), to our 7.X Billion.

We can do better.

Imagine the world that is in integrity with itself.

Connection, Co-Creation, Contribution!!!

Flourishing, Thriving, Paradise! 🙂

All being offered, open source, right now, to all the People.

Accept this timeless and so amazingly, and wonderfully, timely gift!

WATER of Life!

Water is Sacred… It is life!

Mother Earth will be fine, just depends on what we do.

Do we acquiesce to a sub-conscious narrative, story, a suite of inter-triggered, accepted “norms“.

A prison, or a playground and dreamworld.

Seminal, Epicentric Choice!

Stand at Standing Rock!

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