Compassion is the Supreme Force… Catch the Wave…

Trust in the Force.

Compassion is the Supreme Force.

But we do not push hard, or focus all of our attention, in the leaning against what we don’t want.

We, instead, simply, create beautiful waves for all to ride together.

Open Source Masterful Gifting, rises the tides for all the boats.

This is a glorious time for a mass awakening!

Our powerful mass awakening coincides, and is lifted in our massive uprising!

Scarcity? NO!

Infinite Possibilities? YES!

Unworthiness? NO!

Whole, and in full swing of RIGHT ACTION, inspired from a sincere and discerning Heart? YES!

Our great awakening, is to our absolute wholeness.

And in that frequency, we feel into a wonderful sense of organic entanglement.

Even though I only see small patches of it in my 3D experience, I just gnow that there is magical and mysterious structure here, and I am a magical part of it.,

I am so grateful for the awareness about our natural ability to energetically generate intentional vibration.

When we stand with our spines perpendicular to Mother Earth, we ignite a spark!

Our Hearts open up, and if we sincerely, intentionally, and consciously, ask our own Hearts what ever questions we have, we will have the best shot at adventuring on your journey in a good and fulfilling way.

Then the magic really happens, when we gather together and collaborate to generate flourishing and thriving.

We cannot do this as unconnected seperate folk, our full and natural expression is in collaboration where we do magic, not unlike how our own Human Cells, magically lead us to thriving.

Trust is the key indicator.

We are on our knees, in acquiesce to a projected, programmed, and conditioned, false set of values, in our “modern”- established – social – economic cultural narrative.

We are energetically fed upon, like cow’s giving milk, and then harvested as needed, when needed. In this narrative, people and planet are expendable and disposable resources…

Want to hear a New/Ancient Wisdom Narrative? Listen in carefully (get ready for a 180 shift in perspective (might knock you right off your horse)), take a few breaths and feel into your 50-100 trillion cells, Feel into your Heart as you breathe, and find a way to hear the voices at Standing Rock!

A most valuable gift is being offered there, might be that last time, if we do not act now!!!

Lean in, find a way to listen to these voices that are being spoken from generational wisdom, that in our awakening (re-awakening), we will discover (re-discover)  the path to, and the walking in a good way; in the Hearts of those standing at and with those Standing at Standing rock!


It is the physical energy jolt that we get when we physically stand upright, with our spines as perpendicular as possible (Tai Chi +++).

Standing into our Wholeness, together in Spirit and walking our paths in a good way!

In an upright way…

AND! AND! AND! with great ease, amazing grace, and a Whole lot of FUN!

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