• Your Promise becomes the World – GET WOKE, STAY WOKE!


    In a good way.

    What way is that?


    What is that?

    Good, not so good, bad, really bad?

    Who gets to ask this question?

    Who, and this is the most important epicentric part, or where do we ask?

    Do we even ask, sincerely, at all?!

    Or, so remain on our knees, in acquiescence to a programmed false narrative that is coherent with the frequency of fear; that tells us lies that we believe; that the Universe is inherently scarce; a place of lack and void; that as human beings we are somehow unworthy of happiness, that we must fight to get our own stuff: where others and Mother Earth are expendable resources to use up and dispose of so we do not fall into poverty and die.

    How to GET WOKE?

    Stand up now.

    If you do not stand upright with your spine vertical with Mother’s, and ask these most important questions of our own Heart, we are all lost.

    Ask this question as if you were all powerful in the world!

    The answer becomes your Promise of a World.

    Your Promise becomes the World.

    This is one of the infinite nuggets of wisdom that I am hearing from the voices who are standing for Mother, and Water, and our future generations, no matter what, at Standing Rock.

    I see, the birth of our new national cultural society, through the blossoming of vibrant local communities (economies), across the nations of the globe, if we are aware enough to hear the national and global, open-source gifting of the entire spectrum of new possibilities, in the voices of those who are standing and speaking at standing rock!

    This is a seminal and epicentric, once in a generation of generations, opportunity!

    The Aikido Master’s first move, when confronted with an aggressor, comes from the Heart. It is compassion, that is applied with her/his focused attention on the movement and energetic trajectory of her/his “aggressor”.  Once understanding the trajectory of the aggressor, The master simply moves slightly to the side, allowing the aggressor to begin too fall of his/her own wieght. Then, the Master uncoils in a vortex opposite to that of the aggressor, while holding onto some specific body parts, and the aggressor’s fall is converted into he/she on the floor and unable to move – to no longer capable to cause destruction with its aggression. And, the Aikido Master compassionately ensures that the aggressor will be brought to this harmless state, with as little harm to the “aggressor” as possible.

    The Compassionate Warrior stands no matter what, for what matters most! THIS IS WOKE!

    STAY WOKE? that’s how we help each other! You see, our full human expression is impossible if we think we are all separate. Our full expression on this planet is in collaboration (partnership) with each other.

    I know – broken record here, but the lessons that we need to understand, are offered by our own human bodies. Joust look at your own 50-100 trillion human cells. It is a most harmonic and magical collaboration.

    This is the real Human Being, being expressed in fullness and vibrancy, with those who stand for Water, and the lives of our future generations, at Standing Rock!

    The magic of transformation is in the Standing With!!!

    Catch the wave!

    Graphic source: http://harttoheart.deviantart.com/art/White-Buffalo-Calf-Woman-513591310