4 days at Sacred Stone Camp – 1st Lessons


I don’t know where to start in telling the story of my many learnings, from my 4 days at Sacred Stone Camp.

There is so much!

Where to start?

Well, I’ll start with the honor it was to be invited in to witness this vision of progress, of an Echo Village, with a Spiritual Youth School to ensure that the Lakota Sioux native original language is not lost. The last generation is among the Elders, and if we do not hold this language it will be lost, like numerous others we have lost across the globe. I witnessed in it’s last days, at least this time around, A very special place!

I was in honor of hearing the voice of women who stood tall in their community responsibility to always bring and invite the energy from the heart. Compassion! ALWAYS. And, also in that Compassion Energy, I saw the powerful energy of the Warrior!

I heard the voice of the Sacred, Divine, Feminine Principle! Loud and clear, a voice that is silenced and suppressing on the Bizzarro World, otherwise known as the Crazy, Stupid, Synthetic, Upside-down World.

I heard it around raging fires of a stacks of large skids, and around sacred fires with people gathered in circles.

I heard it in the young women who were fully engaged in the contribution and protection of the community.

I also heard the voice of powerful men who called out for the voice of the women, in a long standing tradition of men being smart enough to know that the voice of the women, who walks whole in her heart, must be heard.

Men understand their responsibility in service to the community, to protect that speaking and hearing space for the powerful balancing and harmonizing energy of the female to inform the Morphic Field, the Collective Unconscious.

This is the Sacred Stone community that I discovered.

I was expecting there to be a beautiful articulation in the community of some agreed upon values.

I offer this gift, the posted values in camp – pictured above, as it was posted in the School House.


I’ll finish for today, with this most profound and beautiful statement that I heard from an Elder Woman, Grandmother Rima (please forgive any misspelling) who said. “they tried the bury us, but they did not know we are seeds”.

The lessons from Standing Rock are many, and they will bring us all home.

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  1. Arlene /

    Gerry, this is awesome. So glad you found your Sacred Community.

    1. Gerry / Post Author

      Thanks Arlene! I arrived just in time to witness it before it was raided and bulldozed, but not snuffed out in any way. Instead it is invigorated and is our promise for a new future… a new organic, contributive, flourishing and thriving future.

  2. Lars Clausen /

    Thank you for making and sharing this journey!

    1. Gerry / Post Author

      You are welcome Lars! Thanks for sharing your journey too!

  3. Hugh St Onge /

    A major underlying theme in this matter is the Principle of the WHOLE. What you convey here, Gerry, is the message of the elder Sioux woman is that she represents the seed–far from just the protest label, AND that there is recognition of the whole. We cannot see the parts as separate from the whole. Water and environment represents the whole of our ability to live on this planet. Agreements and treaties carefully thought out and made and respected also underline honesty and loyalty to the whole.

    The native Americans seem to embody the importance of the whole and each part respected within that whole. The government functions on the basis of seeing only a part or two and in the short term gain. Hardly vision enough to sustain life and respect the wholeness of life.

    The camps in the Dakotas now pass, but their seed is planted in the Message Heard Round the World! The issue now goes to another level in Washington DC in the form of law suits designed to acknowledge the whole and agreements therein. That line drawn in the Dakota camps was/is the seed to take the matter further where key players will have yet another opportunity to make it whole.

    With you, brother.

    1. Gerry / Post Author

      Thanks for the note Bro! Love it – Yes – “Wholeness” … becomes each of our responsibility to each other to practice for sure! From that integrated Soul and totally connected place of compassion, we have access to “infinite intelligence” (Napoleon Hill). And, in that state, we co-create a flourishing, thriving world for all of us, each other, and all our sisters and brothers on this beautiful planet.

  4. Erin Jensen /

    Unity, non-duality—a return to the “Garden” so aptly alluded to by Grandmother Rima, “They tried to bury us, but they did not know we were seeds” are what’s called for now. The collapsing together of Mother Earth and Father Sky reminds me of the sweet spot in the center space of the Star of David or the exact center where the vertical and horizontal of the Christian cross meet.

    Ironic, isn’t it, that white Europeans, of whom I’m a decendent, made the nefarious assumption that they knew best. As we head toward the iceberg, we are finally willing (at least some of us are) to look to the sages–the indigenous peoples of the world and say, ‘You were right all along. Teach me the wisdom of your ways so that I may join you.’

    Gerry, thank you, for not just saying you were going, but for actually doing it. Keep sharing the Truth. We are listenening!

  5. Gerry / Post Author

    Beautiful Erin! Thank you! YES – great wisdom that we need right now is being shared open source by our indigenous sisters and brothers – to be received by those with eyes to hear. I’m feeling the numbers being attracted to this ancient human voice of wisdom growing powerfully… unstoppably!!! And in the greatness of our numbers is the ease, grace and fun of our shift from fear to compassion!

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