Life Sentence Lessons

Life Sentence Lessons

I am not worthy of being heard.”

This conversation that I have discovered about Life Sentence, Life Promise, and Core Values, has been the most valuable one I am having, in terms of my adventure to freedom.

Realizing that it is my own disempowering beliefs that are embedded in my unconscious mind, below my conscious awareness, that are, in too many now moments, living me.

And, they will continue to live me, until I choose to intentionally shed a full light on them from the recesses of my heart… and simply, let go of my firm grip of the reality that I am projecting, and suffering in.

In the letting go, is the receiving of the world that my heart wants so powerfully.

Thanks for listening 🙂

Thank you Paul and Seth!

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  1. Lars Clausen /

    Nicely said and shared. Gracias

  2. Gerry / Post Author

    Thanks Lars!

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