“Eyeballs” Extremely Valuable!


Extremely Valuable!

Worth goofy money!

Not for anything other than a window into your unconscious mind where programming may be loaded.

GOOFY AMOUNTS of MONEY that we don’t hear about because the industrial mass media, is merely an extension of the agenda of the Advertisers.

They call our focused attention for even a moment, “impressions”, tiny windows of access for the application of the instructions about how to think.

Directing our thinking toward decisions that increase an accumulation of “power”, in a strategically projected false narrative belief construct world, at the expense of others and our planet.

Fear is the whole leverage enchilada.

So, we need to be responsible to ourselves and each other, to practice an increasing awareness of where we focus our attention.

If we practice this inward journey of discovery, toward compassion, easily traveled through the heart, then we arrive in the world we really want, as our whole-hearts are so beautifully describing.

We arrive in the world we want, with ease, grace and fun!

It is time to GET WOKE!

and STAY WOKE!!!

We have all the tools we need, right now, to make this phase shift transition, from fear to compassion, with great ease, amazing grace, and a whole lot of fun!

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