And remember back to the Heart, where is always, the place to start!


Waves, Roller-coasters, Moments, and Lifetimes.

Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

There absolutely is an all-encompassing structure there, out in our Cosmos, in our Universe, in our Innerverse, across the infinite spectrum of Multiverse

But it is not stagnant at all, to the contrary, it is spinning fiercely!

Infinite waves, with exponential masses of interference patters, in an infinite fractal holographic spectrum – infinite forms in rotation together, spinning in a collaborative and synchronous dance!

This secret has been hidden, intentionally, so as to bamboozle the human race, in her humongous numbers, to sleep at the wheel, and allow it (the wheel) to be taken by a synthetic cluster of thought forms, who will do whatever is needed, and at any cost necessary, to hold onto that wheel for as many lifetimes as possible.

We are HUMONGOUS numbers!

We all have Hearts!

We all have powerful minds, that when entrained vibrationally by our Hearts, open into the great mystery, an infinite intelligence, honing and applying a practice of exploration and discovery of things that are contributive (gifts).

This is the new community agreement.

It is RADICAL SIMPLE, which is a really good sign that it may do the trick! 🙂

This is the new economy!

The People, in this country, in the world – all sisters and brothers who have real beating Hearts, have all the tools we need, to Aikido flip the unbalanced world.

Our “world” has been twisted out of balance by the synthetic entities, you know, the giant corporations & banks, who now having been given, by the US Supreme Court (Citizen’s United), the same US constitutional rights as REAL HUMAN BEING Citizens.

Now listen clearly to this!!!!!

This thing never changes unless Humanity (again, the folks with real pumping Hearts), wakes up and stops getting duped into actually believing that they are, in the end, separate, unconnected beings, in a random and very dangerous world. Most of us may deny the unconscious attachment to this lie, but it is systematically installed to execute as many times in our lives as possible from birth, and even potentially before birth (See: Epigenetics).

After an exhaustive investigation, that continues, into this mystery, am convinced that energetically, we are past half way already there. In fact, I really love the idea that was gifted to me by Rudolf Steiner, that the shift took place about 2,000 years ago, and we People, are just now, in our increasing numbers, waking up and catching a ride on the waves, and stop getting hammered by them :).

The rest of us, for now, will continue to get hammered, holding on so tightly, to the diabolical lies, in a world that is consistent with the proof of the lies, projected through the masks.

It is inevitable the global shift – already in full force!

Question is, how will we arrive? What will be the experience of the journey through the transformation, the transition, from predominant human thought frequency of fear, to a significantly higher station on the dial, in the frequency of COMPASSION?

Will it be chaotic, full of conflict, and suffering?

Or, will it be with great ease, amazing grace, and a WHOLE lot of fun?!

Now for the clincher and the wonderful ironic twist!

This idea of compassion gnowledge is not new at all, it is ancient, and to the great fortune of we People across this globe (all of us with Hearts) to be invaluably gifted, RIGHT NOW, with the wisdom, and all the tools we need to absolutely, and with great ease, and because we are awake and in RIGHT ACTION from the absolute power of our numbers when we agree widely on something in our Hearts, Aikido this whole enchilada!

And, this pure voice of wisdom is still and always will be in the Spirit of Standing Rock, who’s voice is being shared openly, and aggressively, and unstoppably!

Listen in and try to understand, and if you are not already at it, Get yourself Woke!

And remember back to the Heart, where is always, the place to start! 🙂


Thank you for listening.

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