Gerry TV 4 24 17 A Whole New Human Being Power!

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  1. Hugh St Onge /

    Another message fueling the new being born reality coming through you and increasingly higher numbers of others. Would love another update on the CONSUMER’S POWER truth you talked about today. Maybe a couple of days or even three in a series about implementation of this to the average person buying what they buy every day with a couple of examples. I love the MD example we shared who has adopted exactly what you are verbalizing into a new and very productive practice. His spirit soared as he implemented this view you have that he had seen also into his practice–so different from the usual practice.

    1. Gerry / Post Author

      I like your idea to bring this to how we “implement” – great point! The next natural step. As I see it unfolding, it is setting up as a “parallel” process, meaning it happens as each one of us leans into our own “sacred” questions, and then allowing ourselves to flow into Right Action that invites us forward, in full recognition that the way forward takes a fluid form in a collaboration, in its own powerful creative strength and force. I’ll percolate on how to expand on this idea further in a good way. Thanks Bud! Great stuff, beyond feedback and right into Collaboration in Action! Real nice! Thanks Bud!

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