Gerry TV 4 26 17 The Energetics of Our Economic Revolution!

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  1. Bo /

    Money is energy. Do we resist or flow? Nice post, Gerry.

    1. Gerry / Post Author

      Thanks Bo! Right, so easy to make this critical choice that changes everything! From trying to force things out of fear to allowing things in compassion and infinite connection!

  2. Hugh St Onge /

    Brilliant laying down verbal on the real economics. You established what it is and what it is not at its core. Love another to flesh it out with examples bringing it to what it would look like such as with the MD or other specific.

    There is no doubt this is already happening and will continue, so the time to put it out there as you have done and are doing is perfect. So many will be able to relate to it where they are. I want to do some work creating the Chiropractic version of this. I know there will be many there to embrace it starting with a few to prove it out. From there……wow.

    1. Gerry / Post Author

      Thanks Hugh! Glad you see the core that I do. I love the energetic leverage of it! I like the idea of fleshing this out in the relationship we have with each other around our well-being…”healthcare”. So goofy is the Bizzarro World Medical/Healthcare/Drug Industry! So 180 degrees off track from the RADICAL SIMPLE holistic alternatives that we can create. Something tells me that we’ll be working on that… already are 🙂

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