Gerry TV 5 6 17 We Are Super Human Beings

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  1. Hugh St Onge /

    Beautiful! I would add to the medicine the reality of THANKFULNESS. I am thankful replaces the control of the kryptonite. Others have also said in this vein of approach–GIVE or do something for somebody quick! Flow of those inborn attributes of love as we were created at our very core will express the love which is perfect and casts out all fear.

    Thanks, Gerry!


    1. Gerry / Post Author

      Yes, thankfulness is a kryptonite disolver. Its actually the same thought vibration/frequency of observing and feeling beauty, and for sure, doing something for somebody is that unconditional love energy. Same contributive energy frequency there too! Many ways to return to our natural “core” vibrational state of compassion, where fear cannot stick, and just passes through, after leaving its teachings… Thanks Bud!

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