• Can you clearly articulate what you want?

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    Conscious … Unconscious

    If you are not aware about your unconscious mind, then you are most definitely run by it.

    Every single one of us has this unconscious blind spot!

    It becomes your Life Sentence, and your Master.

    It is between you and what you really want.

    Can you even be clear, really articulate what you really want, if you feel unworthy?

    Its an indirect relationship, and if you cannot be clear about what you want, can you ever manifest it?

    It is an unconscious belief structure that projects to the world – says you are unworthy.

    And it justifies, insists upon, you not receiving in your life.

    From the OSF, Operation Solid Foundation, Partner/Team Building Methodology…

    Life Sentence: (encourages accidental experiences)
    A Life Sentence is a fixed way of being originating from a fundamental and intrinsic survival strategy based on a belief construct of scarcity; a profound sense of “not being enough”, or “Not-Enough”. That is, not enough to thrive, maybe enough to survive … maybe. It is created in a moment or occurrence originating externally. That is, something happens that threatens our sense of being “ok”, let alone good, and we withdraw to a perceived safe place; a prison . The result is we retreat, restrict and contract energy; in order to live another day. It is a defensive maneuver. Of course, it is useful in the moment of trauma, but since at least the modern era and possibly longer, only truly necessary about 1%-5% of the time. Unfortunately, it is utilized 80%-95% of the time. Therefore, it becomes the “who” we are chiefly known as. Everyone knows our Life Sentence because that’s who we are, how we behave, what we can be counted on to deliver. The interesting thing is, we pretend no one knows. It’s the worst kept secret known to mankind. This is an obvious imbalance and counter-productive use of our capabilities. It is known by everyone, and felt by us as “me-oriented” and exists in the monologue of the inner-critic, derived from the past. This Life Sentence is what seems to have for thousands of years, kept us from co-creating organically and then manifesting in full expression of our essence. We naturally seek balance, in our essence, which enables effective use of our capabilities. We do this most effectively by un-concealing our Life Sentence and then transforming it to… A life Promise… that accesses and speaks to the World.

    Life Promise: (encourages deliberate experiences – Intentionality)
    A Life Promise is a bold, declarative, and collaboratively-processed statement of a desired future state in the context of the experience of NOW! It is a dialogue that states who We are and is sustained through Partnership. It is expansive and it is one of the best kept secrets of mankind. It is felt by us as “we” oriented and exists in dialog, requiring a partner to be fully articulated and then fulfilled. The Life Promise is derived from the future. The clarity of a Life Promise is the generation of a powerful co-creative energy vibration that begins unfolding in its manifestation with the clear and un-tethered expression of it.

    A Common Promise (encourages deliberate experiences – Intentionality – within a Mutually Empowered Partnership or Team) is a bold, declarative, and collaboratively-developed statement of a desired future state in the context of the experience of NOW! It is derived from the alignment of and resonance of Individual Life Promises, in Partnership, and unencumbered by the resistance from our Individual Life Sentences. Like the Life Promise, a Common Promise is the generation of a powerful co-creative energy vibration that begins unfolding in its manifestation with the clear and un-tethered group of Partners’ expression of it.

    All Upon the Foundation of the Foundation, which is the clarity of Core Values:
    A Clarity of Core Values is an internal process to list and prioritize your Core Values. From there, Life Sentence and Life Promise are easily disclosed. This is then shared in pairings and in groups.

    OSF is focused on establishing mutually empowering agreements that embody our core values and Life Promise, while we liberate ourselves and assist each other in the liberation from our Life Sentence.

    Special recognition:

    • Seth Grossman who coined the concepts of Life Promise, Life Sentence, and the new definition of Partnership: (mutually empowered teaming, creating – co-creating, in agreement on a Promise)
    • Debbie Ford who named Seth’s Life Sentence thing, “Underlying Commitment“, an unconsciously held core belief that becomes what we manifest – were are, in our marrow, committed to this belief construct (vibrating in fear energy), and make decisions and take actions that keep you tread-milling in the past, because, even though there is suffering in that experience, al least we are alive, so we stay in this dead end swirl in the Past-Soup! Debbie calls us to un-conceal, and make transparent this “underlying commitment“, or we are doomed to have it live us.

    Graphic source: http://xordinary1998.deviantart.com/art/TESSERACT-297995967