So, what is this contributive energy thing all about?

Well, it’s about getting clear on who we are, what we want, and partnering where we are in agreement.

It’s about a phase shift – a 180 degree pivot in direction to organic sustainable, infinite, balanced, fun growth.

It’s about waking up to our power to create the experience we want.

It’s about waking up to the awareness that we are energy generators, generating vibrations at various frequencies… and in turn attracting experience that is in resonance with the frequencies we generate.

Said best perhaps by the amazing 21st Century Folk Singer, Ani Difranco, in her song “Still My Heart” …
“The more I get my focus right, the more I see how one could lose sight.
The many things that don’t suck, rival the things that do.
And we all live in the house of what we pay attention to.”

So then it’s about a promise, for now at least, this promise for me (updated 02/14/17).

Who I am is a promise of a world that is transitioning from a predominant energetic vibration in the frequency of fear, to one predominantly coherent with universal source energy, (compassion, unconditional love, trust, appreciation, gratitude, imagining and finding beauty…), and is experiencing this phase shift, 180 degree, transition, with great ease, amazing grace, and a whole lot of fun! This is who I am. This is what you can count on. 

I hold myself accountable to ONE RULE: The Golden Rule: NO HARM – It’s about contributive energy – service to community/Tribe – co-creation – Alchemical manifestation of the world I want to see.

This is my Foundational Agreement – Commitment to others in who I choose to act with in Partnership – For any Mutually Empowered, Collaborative effort: “I will embark on a priority inner journey to wholeness; a journey to discover my Life Promise, and to release myself from my Life Sentence; so that I may bring my most masterful self to this Partnership and not dis-respect my Partners with my fear-based projections.”

It’s about poking our fellow monkeys on the road to the 100th, and beyond…

I absolutely identify with Ngurra, a magical word in Aboriginal Tribal language that I discovered from Robert Lawlor’s encyclopedia on Aboriginal wisdom and culture, “Voices of the First Day”

What are you about?

What is your promise of a world?

Don’t ever forget the powerful truth in this quote from the 2014 film, Imitation Game,  “Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine”.