• A House Divided Against Itself Will Not Stand


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    A house (heart, Soul, family, business, community, +++) divided will not stand (thank you Matthew 12:22-28) and a wounded Soul is a splintered heart; is a “whole” thing that appears to be fragmented.

    Humanity, enslaved by a belief in self-lack, will implode, not because of any inherent flaw in human nature, but because of the denial of the truth which is the opposite of that belief – the Gnosis of our divine nature.

    Its all about transforming FEAR – the many faces of fear: I find it so interesting that our language can be quite confusing. If we take a word that is a label for a feeling or emotion, like “fear”, and we think about it – or feel into it, we realize that there are other words that we don’t make the connection to fear directly that, in experience are the emotional equivalent to “fear”.  “Judgement, stress, should, envy, anger, rage, exploitation, cruelty, to name but a few, all are experientially rooted in “fear” energy. This language dance allows us be in fear, yet not aware of it because the word we use can be categorized in our mind as something other than fear. This is a shell game that makes our prevalent, near constant, fear experience, illusory – we are unaware – unconscious – or otherwise asleep.

    When we experience trauma, and succumb to a fear-based thought and feeling, by attaching to it; by identifying with it, we give birth to a thought-form – a parasitic thought-form.

    Here’s a lesson form the Gnostic Mythology, as uncovered with the discovery of the Nag-Hammadi texts in Syria in 1945 : Quick note on how beautifully the “Sophia Mythology” tells this story. My children have covered Mythology in school several times, yet never have they been introduced to this rich mythology… things that make you go “hmmmm….”

    I do find it fascinating, given this context of the post, that in this Mythology, Sophia, an Aon (Goddess) from the Godhead located at the very center our galaxy, collaborates with a fellow Aon, Christos, to imagine the Anthropos (the divine emanation of Humanity – a divinely emanated being that exists in both the non-physical and physical realms). Sophia though, becomes enthralled and obsessed with this concept of Anthropos, and without the partnering support of Christos, falls herself into the density of the material (ends up crystallizing to what we know as Mother Earth), and in that falling process, unknowingly, makes a mistake (an error), and creates a synthetic life form called the “Archons”, who’s leader is the “Demiurge”. The Archons become jealous of the love that Sophia has for Anthropos, and of Anthropos’ divine essence – something that the Archons lack, and set out on a singular purpose to bring down the Anthropos by tricking humanity into a belief construct that they are material only, severing humanity’s knowledge of their divine essence, and enslaving them in a false belief of their inherent lack. Interestingly, while this mythology is not included in the school text books, several films have been made that are thematically based on this mythology of the Demiurge who tricks humanity into believing in his divinity (a false God – an angry, judgmental, controlling God). Example films: Truman Show, The Matrix, The Wizard of Oz, to name a few… again, “hmmmm…”

    So, in this way, we give birth to and then feed our “Demons”, which are aspects of ourselves that we abandon and deny in trauma, and are thereby separated or splintered from the rest of us (a disintegration). The breaking off of a piece of our Soul; not in reality, but in our mind, in the form of a “belief” that gets lodged into our subconscious where it becomes REALITY to us. We, like our Mother, Sophia, unknowingly give birth to a synthetic life form – a thought-form, that/who tricks us into manifesting the fear that we attached to. There is much more to this story – a subject perhaps for a future post. References: The Naghammadi Library; “Not In His Image” by John Lamb Lash.

    This, erroneous, dis-empowering belief of our lack that get’s lodged into our subconscious is the Life Sentence” that my dear friend and valued coach, Seth Grossman, coined to capture this concept.

    Debbie Ford called this the “Underlying Commitment” – our unconscious, dis-empowering beliefs that, when triggered into activity, rise in us, and in the reactivity, we yield our power and sovereignty to this parasitic thought-form that takes the wheel and pulls our strings, driving our behavior to fulfill its agenda – to survive and grow stronger – deepening its grip on us, making it harder to resist attachment when next it is triggered and resurfaces.

    Carl Young’s “Shadow” is all about this too!

    In the subconscious, there is no grey area. It is stark – its is light or dark, black or white, on or off… So, when a dis-empowering belief that is born in a traumatic experience, lodges in the subconscious, it becomes REAL. It becomes our perception of reality. In other-words, we manifest it in our experience.

    If we are not conscious of this phenomena, then when we get triggered and react in our lives, this thought-form with its hidden grip of our subconscious, becomes our Master! And thus we are asleep. P.D. Ouspensky refers to this state as “Waking Sleep”, or “Relative Consciousness” – “…people live in sleep, and do not know they are asleep”

    Its time to wake up, don’t ya think?